Indian democratic system has three pillars the legislature, the executive,and the judiciary. The press is considered as the fourth pillar. One of the main reasons for peoples unwavering devotion and faith in democracy is its judicial system, which provides equal justice to every person without any discrimination.

We concerned about the third pillar i.e. judicial system. Justice is found with the collaboration of both the Judge and the Advocate. We cannot imagine the natural justice without Advocate. So, in short it can be said that the Advocate is the medium that helps in keeping justice to the people and to maintain the importance of natural justice.

The role of the Advocates are very challenging and demanding. They not only appear in court and argue passionately on behalf of the client, but there is a multitude of background work as well as responsibilities related to this profession especially in favor of the country and not personally. They uphold the interest of client by all fair and honorable means and shall not take advantage of the confidence reposed on him by his client.

Apart from fighting cases, lawyers provide their skills and knowledge to the society by doing pro bono cases and lending legal services to marginalized person. They take the stand and bring notice to the society what has happened and what should be done so that the victim will recover from the injury suffered.

After playing such a vital role for the society and justice they don’t get what they deserve, and therefore CAA works to resolve the problem faced by the Advocates also. In this regard, CAA will demand to work for the benefits of Advocates from the government and other related departments and institutions.