The judicial system of the Indian penal law, in relation to the nature of the case, i.e. from the first information of crime to the decision of the court, appeal and revision of the verdict and subsequent court proceeding, the exemption on bail and execution of penalties during the appeal, the procedure of penal law runs according to the Criminal Procedure Code. The proceeding of evidence in the case and its validity are consider according to the Indian Evidence Act. Under the substantive law such as Indian Penal Code and others penal laws, the offence means any act or omission punishable under any law.

The attorneys of the Chamber of Advocates are specialised in protecting their clients’ interest in criminal cases. We work with thorough research and strong representation on the relevant laws of criminal cases, from the information of the crime to its last decision. Our attorneys hold the affairs of all types of penal laws introduced in India in favour of their client in court. The Chamber of Advocates have the determination that they can secure the benefit of their clients and get justice in the court.