Welcome to Chamber of Advocates law firm, lets have an overview of it : 

Chamber of Advocates is a new era law firm dedicated to provide comprehensive and to the point advice, solution that the client can rely on. The attorneys at (Chamber of Advocates) law firm are skilled and experienced to give seamless legal advice to clients on complex matters of any field.

At Chamber of Advocates each and every assignment is given due time and attention to produce best possible solution for the client within the framework of law. We work endlessly to ensure that we become trusted advisor of our client and earn their respect on our way ahead. We respond fast and work diligently to meet the demands of our client.

We maximize the use of knowledge and experience in our approach to client’s cases to work out legal advice and solution most suitable to their case.

We are known for our attention to detail and our ability to provide sound advice cutting through the legalese to focus on the issue from our client’s perspective.

Government Directory of India :  

People have to face problems due to lack of direct contact with the government. To solve this problem of the people the Government Directory of India has made a medium, with the help of which the contact numbers of officials and employees can be obtained at a single door without visiting different sites.

Government Directory of India are available to you, at Central, State as well as District level so that you can easily reach to the Government Authorities within territory.

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Law Student of India :

In this section we provide you with Law notes, Bare Acts,  Syllabus, Law  Vacancies, Latest Judgements all these are beneficial to every single Individual either he is student, preparing for competitive exam or from any law field.

 Law Notes :

The material provided under law notes is useful in all types of exams, where questions related to the subject matter of law or laws are asked. In law notes attempt has been made to elaborate interpretation of some of the major laws made of India. In which the students of law or preparing for judicial services and high judicial services can benefit from it.

Syllabus :

In this section, we provide the syllabus of APO, PCS (J), and HJS examinations, which will prove to be beneficial for those examinations.

Latest Judgements :

The Indian constitution has empowered the courts for interpretation of laws. In this part, we attempt to provide some important laws which are explained by the court of law. This is beneficial to the law students as well as to those who are curious about it.

Bare Acts :

In this part, some of the major Indian laws have been made available in both Hindi and English languages. At the same time, the Acts of some major countries of the world are also available.

Any Query :

Here we work to calm your curiosity. You can ask questions about Indian laws and we will try to answer you.

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