CAA works to provide justice by making people legally aware about their respective rights and duties. Public awareness, equal opportunity and deliverable justice are the cornerstones on which the edifice of CAA is based.

CAA provides free legal aid, as well as free advocate to the resource less and weaker section of the society so as, to promote and ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to them by reason of economic or other disabilities.

We believe in justice through legal empowerment and to achieve it efforts are made, on legal awareness and legal literacy that lie at the base on which we produces a wide range of legal literacy materials, conduct legal awareness workshops for activists and community. On providing legal assistance through our network of lawyers and community justice workers in various parts of the country. With these CAA works towards building the legal capacity of communities and organizations so that they can act as catalyst for improved governance in their areas.

CAA will inspire people to deal with their dispute through mutual reconciliation. If their dispute is not resolved in this way than with their mutual consent they can make their dispute resolved by “Punch-Parmeshwar”. In this way, people will escape from the running of the court and mutual harmony between them will remain.

CAA will request the government to amend or create new laws according to the change in realization of better society. With this CAA conveys expectations, requirements and the assumptions of the persons regarding the laws to the government.

CAA will notify the concerned department head and the government in connection with the negligence of the government work, and will also share information with the press regarding this and also seek asylum of the court when necessary.

We can achieve these only by providing effective legal representation, legal literacy and awareness and bridging the gap between the legally available benefits and the entitled beneficiaries.