As we all know human rights are meant for human being for a dignified and a decent living as well as existence and adequate development of human personality. The effort of CAA is to ensure that human rights protection is restored. Human as an individual has a right to life and right to a decent living. As a social being, and an inseparable part of the society /community, he too has other rights like: right to freedom of speech, expression, thought, belief and faith and right to move freely. Thus, human rights are essential for the development of human personality, where he lives. The best safeguard of human rights lies in the awareness.

CAA will insist the countries of the world that they continue to provide protection of human rights according to the international convention. We affirms the importance of universally recognized principles and share value’s as essential to building social cohesion with the nation and global community. The challenge of effective building and sustainable peace has reemerged in our mission.

While working on the retention of “Vashundhaiva Kutumbakam” CAA, will urge the countries of the world to leave the arms race and move towards global peace and mutual harmony.