On earth, man has found various precious natural resources which are being wasted by the human being through their unwanted actions. Human being have created such deadly weapons in the name of development and security, which can eliminate the entire humanity. Simultaneously, in the blind race of development, it is tinkering with the nature that the clouds of destruction have started.

Human being are deprived of their basic rights. This is just because they are not aware of their legal rights and duties. Chamber of Advocates Association (CAA) a Non-Government Organisation works to recover from these problem. The purpose of which is to protect nature and to prevent human right abuses.

We will achieve for what we are together with the help of our members, supporters and the committees formed, presently Global Peace and Human Rights Committee and Public Awareness and Law Enforcement Committee are formed to work at different areas to achieve the dream of better society.

The Global Peace and Human Rights Committee works for dignified living standard of human, for elimination of social evil, to maintain global peace, to protect human right, to balance environment and for public welfare. On the other hand the Public Awareness and Law Enforcement Committee works to aware people about the laws, to enforce law in the right direction and to resolve the problem faced by the law professionals.