When Dangers on the Job Cause Your Injuries

In the United States, federal laws guarantee workers a safe working environment, even if the occupation itself is dangerous.

Employers are required by law to ensure worker safety by minimizing the risk of injury or wrongful death. They can do this in several ways, including:

Properly training employees
Providing safety equipment
Ensuring that equipment and machinery are properly maintained
Ensuring that equipment and machinery are up to safety code
Making sure signs indicating dangers are clearly posted
Quickly responding to safety code violations

Cutting corners, rushing deadlines and ignoring safety violations are all forms of negligence that can lead to serious on-the-job accidents. When this happens, you can be sure our firm will be ready to thoroughly investigate and hold any at-fault parties responsible on behalf of our clients and their families.

Dangerous Working Environments in Texas and New Mexico

Occupations that are considered more dangerous than others include:

Oil field and pipeline workers

Oil and gas rig workers
Iron and metal workers
Machinery fabricators
Factory line operators
Industrial workers
Construction workers
Crane operators

While the nature of work in these environments may be dangerous, employers can make matters worse by failing to correct safety issues or purposefully putting workers in unsafe conditions.

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